A note from The Boss

Pianos: the situation at present

A piano has a similar life expectancy to ourselves and appreciates being kept in similar conditions: not too hot and dry, not too cold and damp.

Occasionally one will encounter a centenarian piano which can give a good account of itself but many more are poor, frail old things - only suitable to put ones family photos on. People get very sentimental about the old museum pieces.

At present we are reaping the benefits of a huge enthusiasm for the piano in the Far East. Capable instruments are being produced at prices below that at which our British manufacturers can make them. It's sad but true that our once great piano industry has gone for good. We are one of a handful of small businesses dedicated to stocking British pianos in order to offer our customers the choice they deserve and to keep the knowledge base alive for future generations.

In short: we have lots of high quality, second hand pianos from both Asia and Great Britain. I've never been prouder of our current stock, do come and see us if you need a piano.