What width is an average piano?

The maximum width for an upright piano is 5ft. An average 7 octave piano will range from 50" - 58" wide. The space needed for your piano must be away from a radiator and on the ground floor*, come in and see us and we can find the perfect piano for your chosen spot.

We do sometimes have a 6 octave piano in stock, which are on average 45" wide, so it's worth calling us if you have very limited space. We would always recommend a 7 octave piano however as they offer a broader tonal range and cost the same as their smaller friends.


*if we are to deliver it: you'll need a specialist mover if you wish to put the piano upstairs: we're happy to recommend a good one in your area

Choosing a piano: Touch and tone

We have generally enough pianos in enough different colours and styles to suit most peoples whims and fancies.

What about the musical instrument inside!?

We must think about TONE and TOUCH!

The TOUCH must be even across the scale: each note must have a similar resistance and response. A similar amount of pressure will produce a similar amount of sound from all keys.


When it comes to TONE I find it can help to have some pictures in the mind . . . I like to imagine a huge Disney cave with stalagmites and stalactites with drips and drops that make the loveliest clear notes. This is how I like the trebles to sound. If it sounds like bicycle spokes it is a poor piano.

Bass and mid range notes need to sound like an opera singer, not someone holding their nose.

This is the sound profile we like our pianos to adhere to

13 ways to decorate around a piano

Here's a very fine gallery from Apartment Therapy: pianos looking amazing in people's homes. There's something very heartwarming about a piano in a home, it's a very fine focus for a room and comes into it's own when you have visitors. We sell a wide range of modern and Victorian upright pianos so we'll have something to meet your tastes both visually and musically 

ps - We here at Pianoman would consider it a cardinal sin to put a plant on top of a piano though, just so you know.

(Vase of dried eucalyptus is acceptable, no water involved)